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Completely Free Chordbook with Strumming Patterns Book available for download!
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What is Guitar By The Glass?
It's a class I teach every Monday at 6pm at Moondyne Joe's that I extend to a Podcast and Youtube channel.

Imagine a glass of wine (or a beer), some snacks, and you singing and strumming your favourite songs with a group of friends. This is Guitar By The Glass.

I created this class because I believe learning guitar is most fun in a social and relaxed space.

If you'd like to check it out, drop by Moondyne Joe's in Fremantle on Mondays at 6pm

Feel free to Email me

I believe learning guitar is most fun and effective in a relaxed group environment. I try to produce this with this podcast the best way I can.

Guitar By The Glass Podcast

How to listen to this podcast:


You have a nice clean secluded space to sit down


Your guitar is tuned


The resource page is printed out in front of you


The podcast is playing through a nice stereo or your headphones


You have a glass of something to sip

How to download this podcast:

RSS feed. Add this to your podcast app.

iTunes. For anything Apple

Blubrry. A Podcasting site

Soundcloud. I also upload my podcasts here.

Youtube. I also upload my podcasts to Youtube. My latest ones I've been recording video of the whole podcast.

Latest Podcast

Released every 2 weeks is an episode of Guitar By The Glass, where I choose a song, show you how to play it, then you can jam along with my Guitar By The Glass class.

Guitar By The Glass Youtube Channel

All my latest how-to's and podcasts go up on my Youtube Channel


I've made charts - basic chords and blank templates, mainly to help me in my class but everyone is welcome to them.

Blank Guitar Chord Chart

Blank Guitar Chord Chart

Blank Guitar Scale Chart

Blank Guitar Scale Chart

I-IV-V Chord Flash Cards

Flash Cards

Blank Strumming Pattern

Blank Guitar Strumming Pattern

Basic Chords Chart

Basic Guitar Chords

Contact me

If you're in or around Fremantle, Western Australia and you would like to come to one of my classes, find me on Meetup - just click the link below.